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Black and White Chic

※ Venue: Ritz Carlton Hong Kong

Iris & Eric

This fabulous wedding was decorated for our stylish couple, Iris and Eric, at Ritz Carlton Hong Kong. Black and White is the most contrasting colors among the others but these contrasting colors grant the special sensation of wedding.

The ballroom decoration is highlighted with an ivory backdrop with two coolest black dye cut panels. It had blended with different kinds of white fresh flower arrangements like white hydrangeas, calla lilies, roses and Thai white orchids. It was simply grand and classic. Baby’s breath was extensively used for the guest table centerpiece bring some fresh atmosphere to the ballroom. Red spray rose floating arrangement with candles lights remarked the head table with a little red romance contrasting in this black and white wedding. This wedding decoration is the coolest and the most stylish that we have ever done. Thanks again for having us to create this cool black, white red chic decoration.