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Floral Bliss

※ Venue: Four Seasons Hong Kong

Four Seasons Hong Kong was the location of this gorgeous wedding decoration is produced. We love this couple a lot as they are very sweet, lovely and respect us in every way. Ivory rose , white hydrangeas and touches of pink roses were the key elements of putting together this simple yet elegance wedding decoration. The inspiration of the foyer backdrop is from a wine brand which their logo has implied the watermark feature for each year's production. Logo is simple and we have used simple wood lines to create the sense of sophisticated elegance.

Different floral patterns of lightings are used to brighten up the whole venue and create different scenes for this decoration. When table to table toasting is carried on, pinkish peony flower lighting is employed to change the mood of the wedding. Purplish lighting with touches of romantic little cherry blossoms is used when guests first enter the ballroom. This wedding decoration is definitely one of our favorite as it carries through our brand’s essence – simple and elegance!