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Glamorous Fusion

※ Venue: Intercontinental Hong Kong

This wedding decoration is fusion of Chinese and western deco elements. This production has partnered with Hong Kong renowned florist Gary K to bring out the whole glamorous feeling The elegance of this decoration to a great extent was the great work created by Gary K flowers. Extensive and dynamic lightings design are used to bring out a total different scenes of Chinese & Western flavor. Our groom was a foreigner who was fancy of Chinese. To keep a balance between Chinese and Western decor flavor, we had used lighting to achieve this effect with double happiness logo was projected when couple did their grand march in a traditional Chinese way - Sedan Chair. The stage had a very unique set up with a live band on it and face to four sides such that audiences can have more interactions with our couple, speakers and entertainers. One conclusion is - we love this wedding decoration! Great pleasure to work with Gary K.