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Glitzy Glamour

※ Venue: Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

Michelle & Jonathan

Elegance, grace, style, versatility― we proudly present this fancy wedding in the wonderland, which was held in Grand Hyatt Hong Kong. Once placed the entry via the garden gate, the Bronze Lady Décor created resplendent and romantic scenes with the gleaming rattan balls and appealing floral arrangements, cobbling up a fairy tunnel and welcoming guests to the soulful fairyland.

With beauty and placidity all around, the foyer was splashed with a panel of accordant flower wall and brisk flower bubbles. All guests were greeting, toasting amidst the bliss and elegance joyously with the magnificent bar table. Stepping into the ballroom, it was filled with the fragrance of fresh flowers. Various floral patterns of lightings were used to brighten up the evening banquet and intoxicate the guests in this fairytale wedding. Anyhow, this design becomes our top favorite at Grand Hyatt; we totally love every bit of it!