Grace & John

Dear Macy,

John and I would like to thank you for all the fabulous works that you arranged on our wedding day. We had a lot of requirements for our Gatsby wedding theme and you and your team were able to manage and satisfy all our wants. Everything was perfect that night especially the centerpiece!! We enjoyed the night so much.

Thank you for everything and I wish you and the team all the best for the future!!



Zoe & Wesley

Hello Macy & Ivy,

Hope you guys got some well reserved rest! I cannot say enough thanks to you guys and your team, you two truly made our day! It was beautiful, wonderful and unforgettable. Everyone was happy and satisfied. Another successful wedding under your belt, and we are fortunate to have you guys to make our dream wedding come true. I wish many many more couples will be able to have you guys. Macy, I won't be able to repeat what you did for us on your wedding :) Simply Grand Production, you guys rock!



Candy& Tommy

Dear Macy and Ivy,

Now that we finally have time to look back at the whole preparation process we would like to thank you and your team again for your every effort for making our wedding decoration extremely beautiful and memorable for us and our guests. We will definitely recommend your wedding decoration firm to our friends in the future and we wish you all the best in 2015 and the year of the Goat.



Juliet & Jason

The decoration was exactly what we wanted. Thank you so much for team's effort and all the hard work. We received tremendous complements of the decoration. You guys did an amazing job!




Susan & William

The decoration was AMAZING! They looked even better than on the photos. Thank you so much for your hard work and preparation.

Guests love the decoration and took loans of photos with them. The lighting was perfect and it was just what I want. Thank you so much for all the arrangement! I will definitely recommend you to all my friends. Thank you so much again for all the preparation and efforts.



Phyllix & Dominic

Please share our thanks to the whole team of Simply Grand Production. Without all your help and we wouldn’t have such an enjoyable evening.

Simply Grand Production's work is truly beautiful, elegant yet with style!



Karen & Justin

Dear Macy,

I wanted to say a huge Thank You to you and your team. The decoration is the prettiest I have ever seen and it just totally matches our style and what we like. We have received a tremendous amount of positive feedback about the decoration, from friends and our own family.

Thanks again!



Tiffany & Edward

Dear Macy and the crew of SimplyGrand,

Tiffany and I am both extremely thankful to know you as a friend and have your crew working for our wedding as a team. We have no idea what kind of mess we would be getting our heads into without you.

Starting from day one, you have been very professional and patient in understanding our concerns and needs. Especially when planning a traditional wedding, the couples are usually not the up most say, problem. There are away the “papa mama” factor"s" into it. And you nailed it. From staying up late with Tiffany on finalizing the font of our invitation to making numerous trips to check on manufacturing of the decoration. You have make us felt that we are not in this alone. And I believe that make a world different to any bride&groom-to-be.

Fabricating our logo, props, arranging flowers, making paper planes for our charity event, orchestrating the decoration of the big day both in church and Grand Hyatt, in the same day when preparation time has crossed Xmas, New Year and Chinese New Year holidays. That’s a lot. But you and your team has proven to us and our honored gas your crew is fully capable of handling anything comes to your way, with up-most confidence.

If my memory serves me right, two days before our big day, you said “Edward, you and Tiffany just go and enjoy the day. We are going to take care of the rest.” And you did not fail us, the decorations came out better than expected. Collaboration with the hotel has been very smooth. Time control is perfect.(although you taken care of everything so I do not really know in detail how it worked.) Our parents and guests were delighted. This is all we could ever wish for in our wedding, or i believe in any wedding.

We appreciate all your efforts.



Malina & Patrick

I would like to say a big thank you to Macy and her team who made our wedding day the best day of our lives! It was truly beautiful and exceeded all our expectations.

Your assistance was invaluable and we really do appreciate the effort you made for us. From ceremony details, banquet management to flowers, wedding decoration and make-up, your organizational skills were faultless and your recommendations were excellent.

We really appreciate the personal touch from this wonderful team. You are such friendly, warm and kind people who go that extra mile to make dreams come true and we will be forever thankful for making our wedding an experience of a lifetime and creating memories that we would never thought were possible!

We had an amazing day. Thank you very much for making our wedding so incredible!


Mary & Edmund

Dear Simply Grand team,

Sorry for sending this compliments a little late. We would like to send our appreciation on the whole wedding experience you brought us. The wedding management is smooth and we love the wedding decoration you created.

The whole decoration reflects the true elegance and beauty which me and my wife loves it.

Our guests had very positive comments and praised the wedding decoration, lighting and the flow. And thanks for the help to keep my little surprise on the day for my bride. Thanks for everything.


Karlie & Jacky

We would like to take this chance to give a few compliments on our wedding day decoration company- Simply Grand Production.

We can’t find the words to thank Macy and her team enough for giving us the wedding of our dreams. They were professional yet very personable when dealing with what we needed and when executing the beautiful wedding decoration for our biggest day in my life. Their sense of art and full dedication of the whole wedding decoration have exceeded our expectations; and they handled every area very well by putting the rightful elements. My family was very impressed by the every bit of the wedding decoration, and has even set it as a standard of what a wedding or what our family’s weddings should be! My bridal bouquet is very lovely and our little flower girl loves her flower basket so much. We appreciate the tiny detail that Simply Grand Production pay to just a boutonniere for the page boy which almost matches our theme. Some of the requests were made just one to two days prior to the wedding, Macy and her team were very helpful and get us what we last minute requested for our wedding decoration add up.

In addition, my guests were also overwhelmed by the wonderful wedding decorations executed by Simply Grand. The wedding decorations were very graceful and highlighted the banquet’s overall ambiance. We were especially amazed by how lighting was beautifully, thoughtfully, and skillfully utilized to create an amazingly romantic and elegant setting! My family and I would truly recommend Simply Grand Production for anyone who is looking for the wedding of their dreams.


Jasmine & Jason

We would like to express our thankful words to our wedding decoration company – Simply Grand Production. This wedding decoration house is referred by a friend of mine and we understand why word of mouth is so important. We are so glad that we made such a great choice. Every aspect of Simply Grand’s services, from design to creation to setting up, was superb. Their design, sensitivity to details, and sense of taste have helped us make a dream happen.

Most importantly, their wedding decoration works are diverse and individualized to reflect each client’s personal style. We had always wanted something uncomplicated yet classy, and Simply Grand was able to create magic with simplicity and flowers. We received endless compliments about the classy wedding decoration, the breath-taking flower arrangements, and the wedding atmosphere itself the entire evening. We would like to give you a big THANK YOU for such a beautiful wedding you created for us! You will be our recommended wedding decoration vendor for our friends and family!


Florence & Dave

Hi Simply Grand team,

Just want to say "Thank you" for the amazing experience that was provided throughout the preparation process as well as the actual wedding day!

The service was remarkably sensational and had engraved a never forgetting experience in our lives. We will definitely refer more clients for you.

May 2014 be a prosperous new year for you and your team!

All the best.
Best regards,
Dave & Florence GOH


Karen & Jimmy

I would also like to take this opportunity to recommend our preferred wedding decoration company who helped us decorate and coordinate the entire wedding, Simply Grand Production.

Simply Grand Production was found by us through internet research and was chosen through reviews seen online by other clients. In the beginning, Simply Grand would first sit and listen to what our desire wedding would be. Then they would input their opinions based on their experience/expertise on what is better and what will work versus what won't work. They would then take in consideration of Ritz Carlton's foyer and ballroom layouts when putting the design together regarding the usage of the area as well as the safety regulation. On the day of the wedding when the production were being executed, everything was exactly how it was visually shown to us through computer graphics. The wedding decorations were very elegant which enhances the entire room and brought out the romantic environment that we requested. All my guests were very impressed! Simply Grand's line of production took care of everything, from floral arrangements to runner, lighting, stages, vases. In other word, it is a one stop shop and it saved us a lot of time. We have no hesitation in recommending this wedding decoration company to my friends and family.


Peggy & Bryan

Dear Macy,

You and your team have done a truly great job on the wedding decoration which Peggy and I have been receiving numerous praises on that! We are more than satisfied with how everything turned out and would like to give you guys a big THANKS! We have recommended Four Seasons to put Simply Grand on Four Seasons vendor list as we pride your professionalism with great hearts and high quality. As we could tell, you and her team are truly great people who have done an amazing job on decorating the venue on our wedding day. We love every bit of the wedding decoration. The exact look turns out to be so many times more beautiful than the design graphics. Our wedding theme was well executed and every guest loved it, especially when we enter the ballroom, we were really stunned by how well the lighting effects blended with the ballroom decoration.


Kathy & Kenneth

It has been a while since my wedding held on 22 November 2013 at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong. However, I would still like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Simply Grand, for providing the excellent and professional services.

Let me set out some background first. I still remember the decoration of wedding venue was the last “big” item to be confirmed. Soon after deciding to get married, I have found the best hotel in town as venue of my wedding banquet; I have engaged reputable photographers for on-the-day shooting; I have ordered wedding gowns and evening dresses from the top designer brands in New York. So as to match all the wonderful items I have picked, I was so determined to have the wedding venue set up in a classy and elegant way. It was my goal to find the best production house, who could match my own appreciation of beauty, as well as to provide professional services.

I researched online and met a number of popular wedding venue decoration companies. They offer good designs too, but I was not satisfied. When I was desperate, the recommended referral list of vendors provided by Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong popped up in my mind. I went through the list, contacted and visited every vendor named in the category of florist/ production, carefully studied the previous decoration works they have completed. Still in vain. I was desperate.

Out of curiosity, I started to browse the websites of the recommended wedding planners, and that was the first time I got to know about Pink Diamond Wedding, which is an associated company of Simply Grand. I was so impressed about the designs and set up of each wedding project-managed by Pink Diamond Wedding. I immediately called them up and this was how I got in touch with Macy, and her team at Simply Grand.

We started off with a casual chat with Macy at the cozy and nicely decorated office of Simply Grand, during which Macy tries to understand my personal preference on styles and beauty. Then I was devastated to know that the rosewood design I love involved expensive materials and the budget for such design was simply out of touch for me and my husband. Yet, Macy didn't disappoint us. Having the goal to serve clients the best in mind, she offered to follow the inspiration from the rosewood design, but proposed to build the backdrops by another materials with lower cost. She went through her thoughts with us in details. I was so excited even just imagining and discussing with Macy at her office. Macy promised to get back to us shortly after our meeting. Her team was very efficient and they came up with a proposal two days after our visit in her office. My husband and I were impressed by the designs and the proposal as Simply Grand team put my thoughts and ideas into solid design and illustration. We decided we have to confirm Simply Grand as our production house for our wedding decoration.

The discussion of the terms of our engagement was smooth as Macy and her team were very reasonable, professional and helpful. I could feel that they provide services with “heart”. They did not offer canned design or set A, set B or set C types of proposals. In fact, they customized designs and proposals for clients based on their preferences and requests. They were able to provide objective advice as to the most appropriate arrangements in the welcome area and ballroom, but not just persuaded you to add endless decorations which make things clumsy and they could charge higher. Even my budget was not as big as other larger-scale-weddings Simply Grand had provide venue set up, their services were still as good and they took care every detail. Before our wedding, Macy and her team had been in touch with us and Four Seasons for the on-the-day arrangements.

Finally here came my wedding day. Same as every newly wedded couple, I personally did not have any free time to take care and check whether the decoration and arrangements were in order. When I walked out of the bridal room in the evening and finally had the first glance of the welcome area and the ballroom, I was astonished as the real set up looked exactly the same as the draft designs provided by the Simply Grand team. Guests appraised the design for being so classy, elegant, simple yet grand in a unique way, which matches the ballroom of Four Seasons Hotel. I am sure many guests were impressed by how Simply Grand had nicely decorated the welcome area and the ballroom, as my husband and I received a number queries as to which production house we had engaged.

I had a perfect wedding. I feel so grateful to have contacted Simply Grand and engaged them as the production vendor for my wedding set up. Their set up matches the superior standard of everything I have chosen for my wedding, including the world-class Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong, which strive for excellence at all times. I would definitely recommend Simply Grand to all of my friends.

Apologies for the long-winded description as I feel that only such description can precisely share how I feel all along during the dealings with Simply Grand.

Simply Grand team, I wish you every success in the upcoming challenges.